Our Journey

Mumbai – The city of Dreams

Mumbai – Maximum City

Mumbai – A city where you don’t know the name of the family who has lived next door in your apartment for the last 5 years

Mumbai – They say it’s a fast city, no one has the time for anyone…leave alone any socializing…where no one runs up to an ambulance when it enters your housing society to check whats happening and how they can be of any help…

Mumbai – A city where people line up on the streets to help the stranded when natural disasters strike or when there are emergencies… it’s a city with many faces and contradictions…. which only a person present will ever be able to appreciate and understand

Amidst this landscape, a group of likeminded people wanted to create a bonhomie to tide over these odd & celebrate lives by coming together, standing with each other at each sphere of life may it be for festivities or for reaching out to the underprivilege!

On 9th September 2013, it was Ganeshotsav and the evening Arati had just ben finished. Discussions quickly turned to having a Durga Puja. Why Not give it a try???? It’s a 5 day festival and celebrated across India in various forms, Garba, Navratri. Those 10 days are supposed to be very auspicious and also a time of gaiety and happiness. It also signifies and typifies the win of Good over Evil.

The spontaneous excitement led to a group of about 15 people being formed on that same day. The seed was sown & germinate to be an Organization which is “a home away home” for many named as “Hill Side Residents’ Cultural & Welfare Organisation(HRCWA)!

As word spread of this group more and more individuals and families started joining in and in no time at all the group had swelled to 50+. Those days Whatsapp only had a limit 50 members.

The objective was initially to have a Puja, but as people joined, there was a sense of people wanting to also contribute to social causes like, Health, Hygiene and Education.

2103 October 28th: The first formal gathering of people interested to form an association – Bijoya Sammilani

2013 December 22nd: This date is a significant date in the history of HRCWA, as our first Picnic and the place where we formally announced the identity of this organization as HRCWA

2014 : 14th January – Work starts on registering HRCWA as an Association of Persons under the Societies act

2014: Our First Saraswati Pujo alongwith an evening of Cultural programme full of contributions from all across the adjoining residential Societies and also our first step to understanding what it needs to have a 5 days event like Durga Puja – Starting from Government permissions to the finances and infrastructure as required

2104 September: Our First Durga Pujo – Starts off with a burst of happiness and laughter – then nature struck its own dance and disaster followed. The Mandap was damaged and Ma Durga was testing the passion of each and every HRCWA enthusiast. Well…we made it…on the same evening ARATI was held on time despite all odds, andby the next morning, nearly 500 people queued up to have Bhog. The cultural stage was destroyed and the cultural programmes for which the kids had rehearsed was in doldrums….and then it happened again…the whole cultural programme for that evening was held on the ground… no speakers, no grand lighting…but we did it….all reveled in the presence of Ma Durga.

2104 October: HRCWA did its first “Swacch Farid Estate”– Kids, fathers mothers and all came on to the streets and cleaned the roads of Farid Estate with brooms.

A year had suddenly passed and it seemed like a moment…Picnic, Saraswati Puja and other functions have started happening with regularity now….but over and above these joyous moments. HRCWA started making significant inroads into social work. Some of the projects are as given below:

2014: Arranging the donation of over 100 water filters to the needy to ensure people have access to clean drinking water.

2015: When the earthquake happened in Nepal, HRCWA tied hands with another well know organization to send nearly two tins of relief material for the people.

HRCWA tied up with Mahindra and Mahindra and donated copies School bags and stationey to nearly 150 schoolchildren of a local school which needed some support

This year also saw the launch of our education vertical named as Shiksha Shakti. HRCWA managed to get sponsors for 62 needy schoolchildren for the whole years education and books and uniform.
: The fire in the nearby slums of Damu Nagar lef hundreds of families homeless. HRCWA stepped in and help these families with rations and other items of daily necessity over a period of 5 days continuously

2017: We tied up with an organization called Greensoles and contributed about 1500 pairs of shoes which were to be recycled to help the needy to walk better.

We also had another project called “Chall Mere Biki” where we picked up unused bicycles and repaired them and donated to a village at Malshej Ghat where kids in this rural area can come to school using the same.

Today we have grown into an organization with over 125 members…..

Our Durgotsav today gets significant media coverage, we are proud associates of the leading corporates but our ethos always remained with our core…being with you at every walk of life! We are a “Home away a Home for many” & may be for you as well…come join us to experience this Bonhomie!!